"AI Mastering" update

AI Mastering has been updated. Below is the update content.

Mastering delete function

The function to delete mastering was added. You can delete from "Mastering list screen" or "Edit button" on each mastering detail screen. Please note that it can not be Undo. ※ It can not be used in the smart version

Mastering Edit Button

Mastering Delete Button

Mastering protection function

We added a function to protect mastering and prevent it from being automatically deleted. You can protect up to 100 at the same time with the premium plan limited function. The retention period is the contract term of the premium plan. ※ It can not be used in the smart version

How to use

You can "protect" from the "Edit button" on the mastering list screen or each mastering detail screen.

Mastering Edit Button

Mastering Preserve Button

Whether or not it is protected is indicated by "Status column" on the mastering list screenIn can be confirmed.

Mastering Check If Preserved


It is not intended to store important data using the protection function. I recommend downloading important data and keeping backups.

Video encoding with fair priorities

We decided to do video encoding with fair priority. Even if there are more masters, it will be hard to be affected.

The mastering process itself had been done with fair priorities, but its priorities were not applied to video encoding. Therefore, when there were someone who mastered, the sound source was completed as soon as possible, but there was a phenomenon that the moving image was slow to be completed. It is a fix to solve it.

Changing display contents of settlement list

The display content of the settlement list on the "User setting" page was corrected.

Specifically, when opening the PayPal link but not completing the settlement, "unpaid" was displayed, but it was hard to understand, so it was not displayed at all in the first place.

Fixed bug where login failed

Fixed a bug that login failed on the desktop version or some browsers. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please download the latest version from the link below.

Download the latest desktop version