"AI Mastering" iPhone version update v1.2.5

The iPhone version of AI Mastering has been updated to v1.2.5.

Update summary

・ We speed up video upload and reduced transfer volume .

It is now possible to master videos encoded with H.264 and H.265 without re-encoding the video part .

Update Details


In the past, all videos, including video, were uploaded to the server, and the server generated output videos. Therefore, when the capacity of the video part was large, upload and download took time . Also, in order to reduce the transfer volume, the smartphone sometimes re-encoded before uploading. Re-encoding took time and the image quality deteriorated .

Modified version

In the modified version, in the case of an MP4 movie made with H.264, H.265 + AAC, the video and sound are Demuxed (separated without degradation) on the smartphone side, and only the sound is uploaded and mastered. When mastering is over, download the sound after mastering, Mux the sound and video on the smartphone side and combine them with no degradation to create an output video.

For all other videos, upload the entire video as usual and make the output video on the server side. In this case, the video is re-encoded to H.264 + AAC MP4.

As a result, speeding up, high image quality, and transfer volume reduction were realized.

※ In the case of MP4 movie made with H.264, H.265 + AAC, the video part can not be seen when the one uploaded in the smartphone version is viewed in the PC version or in other smartphones. Please note.

iPhone version update method

It is possible to update from the following App Store link.


If you have any comments or requests regarding the smartphone version, I would be happy if you can tell us.

Please wait for a while as Android is being supported.

3 Replies to “"AI Mastering" iPhone版アップデート v1.2.5”

  1. I always use it.

    I did not mind in the previous version, but I feel that there is a slight gap in the sound since it has been updated.

    I'm not very familiar with these things, so I don't know if I can't help it.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for contacting us.
      I think that there is a high possibility of the version upgrade.
      Please be patient as we will be able to select conventional processing (stable) and new processing (deterioration in image quality, high speed).

    2. Fixed.
      Thank you very much.
      Since it was possible to correct it with the new process (image quality is not degraded, high speed), it is not possible to select it as the conventional process.
      Thank you.

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