Edit videos on iPhone

Here's how to edit videos on iPhone. This time I will do it with free iMovie.

Install iPhone video editing application iMovie

Install iMovie from the App Store.


Create a project

When you start it, it becomes the screen on the left, so press the plus sign on the project tab. Then select a movie.

iMovie Project    iMovie Add Project

Load movie

Select the material video. Multiple selections are possible.

imovie add video before    imovie add video

Cut video

When you tap a movie, an editing menu like the left picture appears. After choosing scissors and choosing Split, you can cut the video at the point you select like the right image.

     iMovie Edit Cut After

Sort videos

Touch and hold the movie to change the order of the movies by drag & drop.

iMovie Edit Move

Adjust the volume of movies

You can adjust the volume by tapping the video with a choice and selecting the speaker in the Edit menu.

iMovie Edit

Export movie

By pressing the completion button at the upper left of the screen and pressing the send button at the bottom of the screen, you can export the movie to various applications. For this time, save to the photo library, so choose Save Video. When you select export settings, the export will start.

iMovie Export  iMovie Send  iMovie Export Settings  iMovie Exporting  iMovie Exported

Increase the quality of audio (publicity)

Using our AI Mastering, you can increase the quality of the edited movie. Please try it with a video made with iMovie!

Click here for details.


I showed you how to edit videos on iPhone.

The efficiency of video editing and the quality of the resulting video will vary greatly depending on which application you use. Therefore, selecting an application is important.

I will introduce a video editing application other than iMovie at a later date.