New mastering algorithm "v2" of "AI Mastering"

AI Mastering has been updated. A new mastering algorithm "v2" has been added.

New algorithm "v2"

Added new mastering algorithm "v2" to custom mastering. You can select the new algorithm "v2" and the conventional algorithm "v1" in the advanced option.

AI Mastering Mastering Algorithm Settings

* "V2" is selected for One Touch Mastering (Easy Mastering).

Features of the new algorithm "v2"

v2 masters so that "Proposity 2" goes up. Since the search performance of the mastering parameter is higher than v1 , "Prop2" rises with high probability.

It is also possible to specify a reference. When a reference is specified, mastering is made so as to approach the reference, not to raise "Prop. 2". You can not specify a preset like v1.

It includes processing to minimize the departure from the original sound quality, whether you specify a reference or not. In v1 there was a case that the sound quality changed extremely depending on the sound source, but it is relaxed.

The mastering level allows you to adjust how far away you want from the original sound quality.

Characteristics of conventional algorithm "v1"

v1 masters so that "Proposity" goes up. As we select the mastering parameters heuristically, the "pros" may not improve much.

Development history

Changing the mastering parameters of AI Mastering changes "Proposity" in various ways, but adjusting it to increase "Proposity" makes the sound better. Can you automate this? I received an opinion.

It is v2 that corresponds to this opinion. Since the search algorithm for mastering parameters is enhanced in v2, mastering is done automatically so that "Prop. 2" becomes large. I think that it will be less time to manually adjust the parameters.

Professionalism 2 (Professionality 2)

"Proposity 2" is an index that improves "Proposity". Added to analytical indicators. We are learning with more data than "Proposity".

AI Mastering Professionality 2 Index

Increased upload size upper limit and source length upper limit for PC version

New upload size limit: 250MB (conventional: 150MB)

New sound source upper limit: 15 minutes (conventional: 10 minutes)

Please wait for a while as the iPhone version supports the application side.