"AI Mastering" command line tool

Introduces tools that can use the AI Mastering API from the command line.


Download the latest version of the executable file from the following page. There are executable files for Windows, Mac and Linux.

aimastering-tools Releases (Github)

How to use

Acquisition of API access token

Get the access token of AI Mastering API from Developer .

Perform mastering

You can execute mastering with the following command.

Other options

You can check other options with the following command:


aimastering-tools (Github)

VBScript Tutorial (Github)


We introduced the tool that can use the API of AI Mastering from the command line.

Why did you use the AI Mastering API from VBA when you created a command line tool? It was a request that you have.

I hope it will be useful for automation and informal front-ends.