"AI Mastering" update

AI Mastering has been updated. The changes are root cause removal and bug fixes for system failures. There is no change in functionality.

Root cause removal of system failure

We identified and removed the cause of the system failure that occurred regularly and regularly.

Reducing inode and dentry caches to keep OOM killer at bay

Enhanced monitoring to prevent system failures due to unknown causes.

Graphana AI Mastering Monitoring Alerts

Graphana AI Mastering Monitoring Chart

Premium Plan Double Billing

Some people registered for the premium plan were charged twice.

Specifically, if payment for payment fails for some reason while registering for the premium plan, then register for the premium plan again, and then if the payment for the old premium plan is restored, the old premium plan and the new premium plan will be simultaneously Continued and charges were double charged.

We will do the following for those who are eligible. There is no need for customer support. I was very sorry.

A: Canceling the old premium plan

B: Double charge refund

C: In addition to B, as an apology I refunded the most recent one month's worth

Also, I have fixed the program to prevent it from happening again. In the future, we have enhanced monitoring so that we can discover early even if double charges occur due to unknown cases.

I look forward to working with you.