FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I summarized the frequently asked questions of AI Mastering .

Please teach me how to use it

Click here for the web service version.

Click here for the smartphone app version.

Please tell me the price

Please see AI Mastering Pricing .

Can I use it for free?

The web service version can be used free although it is limited. For details, please see AI Mastering Pricing .

The smartphone version can be used free of charge.

Can I use it from a smartphone?

Although it has fewer functions than the web service version, there is a smartphone app version that specializes in video mastering. Please download from the App Store link below. Click here to see how to use it.

Can it be used by a corporation?

It is available.

Please register from AI Mastering . ※ However registration for the number of people required is required

Can you incorporate the automatic mastering function into your own service?

Is possible.

Cooperation by API and execution binary is possible. Please inquire details.

Can I do noise reduction?

It is possible with the smartphone version.

The smartphone app version can be downloaded from the App Store link below. Click here to see how to use it.

Can I mix karaoke sound sources and vocals?

The current situation does not correspond, but it is scheduled to be implemented.

Is pitch correction possible?

Current situation does not correspond. It is under consideration.

Can I master my videos?

Both web service version and smartphone version are possible.

Please upload the video file to AI Mastering. Separate the audio and video parts of the movie, master only the audio part, and combine.

When downloading a movie, please download it from the download button under the movie displayed on the mastering result screen instead of the normal download button.

Is the uploaded sound source public?

It will not be published.

Does the uploaded sound source disappear?

It automatically disappears from the old one in about 3 days.

Can I use it without having a credit card?

If you can purchase V Preca at a convenience store, you can subscribe to the premium plan without a credit card. Purchasing for each mastering is also possible.

Can I sign up for a premium plan with PayPal?

can not.

Implementation is under consideration.

I would like to know the mechanism and internal algorithm of AI Mastering.

It is only an overview, but it is summarized here . Please inquire details.

Can I use a JCB credit card?

I'm sorry, but I can not use it.

PayPal settlement is possible if purchasing per mastering. If you can purchase V Preca at a convenience store, you can sign a premium plan.

I want to master in mono

Currently, when mastering a monaural sound source, it is converted to a stereo sound source and output. We are studying the function to output with mono sound source.

I also want to master songs with large dynamic range such as orchestra

It is possible to correspond to a certain extent by setting the target sound pressure to a lower value (such as -12 dB) by custom explosion and designating a song close to the image as a reference sound source.

Which sampling frequency can output?

You can choose from 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, same as input.

Are there any recruitment for collaborative research?

Please contact us.

Is there a desktop version?

There is Windows version.

Please download from AI Mastering App for PC . The function is almost the same as the web service version, but the Windows version features that you can automatically upload the audio file written in the specified folder to AI Mastering.

Can I use it in browsers other than Chrome (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc)?

Although it may work with other browsers, in principle, it supports only the latest Chrome. Those who use other browsers, sorry to trouble you, please install Chrome from here .

Is there a way to master for free at least twice a month?

If you introduce your friends with friends introduction program, you can earn mastering tickets that can be mastered for free. For details, please refer to the Referral Program . (login is needed)

Is there an affiliate program?

there is. Click here for details.