SoundBridge - Free DAW released in 2018

We will introduce SoundBridge, a free DAW released in 2018.

What is SoundBridge?

SoundBridge is a free DAW released in 2018. Compatible with Windows and Mac. According to this , SoundBridge seems to have been made over three years.

SoundBridge official website

Features of SoundBridge

Because it monitors with music teaching materials, DAW itself is characterized by being able to use it for free .

How to use SoundBridge

Free member registration for SoundBridge

We will register as a free member on SoundBridge official website .

SoundBridge Sign up

Download SoundBridge

When the member registration is completed, the download link of the SoundBridge installer according to the OS used is displayed. If the OS automatic judgment is wrong, you can download the SoundBridge installer for each OS from the My Accounts screen.

SoundBridge Download

Installing SoundBridge

Launch the SoundBridge installer and install it according to the screen. All default settings are OK.

SoundBridge Install

Starting SoundBridge

When you start SoundBridge, the following screen will appear, so enter your account information and log in.

SoundBridge Launch

SoundBridge sample project

When installing with the default setting, the sample project is installed in the Documents directory. Open this from the File menu in the lower left corner of SoundBridge. Some projects could not be opened due to errors. ExampleProject.soundbridge opened.

SoundBridge File Open

I will play it.

SoundBridge Play

If you try to edit the sample project popup prompting you to register in is displayed and you can not edit it. Please open a new project if you want to edit it.

Piano roll of SoundBridge

It is the same as a general DAW piano roll.

SoundBridge Piano roll

SoundBridge Mixer

It is the same as the general DAW Mixer.

SoundBridge Mixer

What is SoundBridge Academy?

SoundBridge Academy is a paid online video material that you can learn about music production. It may be useful to attach the DAW project file. It might be possible to see a view called DAW with a rich paid manual.

SoundBridge Academy

SoundBridge's reputation

I had issues with Ozone 8 plugins freezing up the application v1.09, and a simple email generated a quick response and a timely update to fix. 5 stars for customer service on that.


It seems that if you report a bug it will be fixed by haste.

I'd happily pay a monthly fee to have access to your learning content, tutorials and you can keep it interesting for novice learners with monthly perks / sample kits etc.


The place to learn music theory seems to be the charm of SoundBridge.

Does SoundBridge charge for future?

In an effort to make all of this accessible to as many many people as possible, we have decided to make the software completely free.


Although there is no guarantee that it will not be charged in the future, since it monitors with music teaching materials, if that method goes well, DAW itself is likely to be free for a long time.

Ableton and PreSonus offer Tips and helpful content on free blogs and monitize with DAW. SoundBridge may be able to view it as a reverse.


We introduced the free DAW, SoundBridge released in 2018.