Free VST

We are distributing VST plugins.

1. BasicComp

BasicComp is high-quality VST3 compressor plugin that is focused to compress dynamic range naturally. It is suitable for mastering, vocal track, and drum track.

2. ITDPanner

ITDPanner is VST3 panner plugin specialized to control the pan of stereo sound source without sound quality degradation. ITDPanner never mix left channel and right channel, so it has no sound quality degradation caused by interference of sound. It is based on ITD(Interaural Time Difference)control and balance control.

3. DRAnalyzer

DRAnalyzer is a VST spectrum analyzer that can analyze the dynamic range for each band. Although the normal spectrum analyzer can display only the instantaneous value of the spectrum, DRAnalyzer can display the past spectrums as a distribution. Since it is possible to see the dynamic range for each band from the distribution, compatibility with multiband compressors is outstanding. You can optionally correct the spectrum according to the human auditory characteristics, so you can see the sound as it is heard.

4. MinusDelay

MinusDelay is VST3 delay plugin that can set a negative delay value. Normal delay plugins can delay the sound, but MinusDelay can bring forward the sound. It is based on "Delay Compensation" feature of DAW.

5. ProMeter

ProMeter is a VST Analyzer plug-in that measures "professionality". "Professionality" is an index that shows how close it is to professional sound (sound of commercially CD). It is calculated based on the learning result of the actual commercial CD. Originally it was an indicator that can be measured with Bakuage an automated online mastering service. In order to be able to approach professional sound in the mixing stage, we made it possible to measure "professionality" in real time with VST.

Paid VST

Each VST has two versions - the full version and the free demo version. The product version can be purchased fromKVR marketplace. Some of demo versions have function restriction or occasional silence.

1. ClearMixer

ClearMixer is a VST mixer that automatically reduces interference in your mix. This is ideal for those who want to easily perform a mix with less interference.