Automated Mastering

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What's Bakuage?

Bakuage is an audio mastering service using AI.
The word "Bakuage" means "explosive increase","to rise dramatically","to shoot up" in Japanese.
It can easily improve your music!


1. Professional Level Loudness

Skilled mixing and mastering skills are necessary to increase loudness. For those who want to raise the sound pressure right away or for those who want to focus on the music itself - Bakuage is a tool that can easily increase the loudness.

2. Professional Level Sound Quality

Similar to LANDR, etc., the automatic mastering function is realized. The feature of Bakuage is that it is possible to specify a reference sound source. By specifying the sound source by your favorite artist or the sound source of your preferred sound quality as a reference, you can easily get closer to the sound quality you like.

3. Free Mastering is Available!


How To

1. Member Registration.

Go to the Bakuage App and register. In addition to member registration with an e-mail address, login through SNS which does not require a password is also supported. If you are registered on Google, Twitter, Github, we recommend using login through SNS.

* Authentication is powered by Auth0.

2. Drop your audio source!

Upload your audio by clicking New Bakuage in the Bakuage App and start processing. Uploaded audios can be only accessed by the person who uploaded them and will not be published.

3. Download!

Download the sound file if you like the way it turned out!

Demo Audio Sources

1. Audios

Original Bakuage Pro-L L3-16
String quartet -18.6 dB -6.4 dB -6.4 dB -6.4 dB
Jazz piano -15.5 dB -7.1 dB -7.1 dB -7.1 dB
(Numbers in the table represent loudness.)

2. Methods

The sound sources are compressed by Bakuage, Fabfilter's Pro-L and Waves L3-16. In Bakuage, automatic mastering is set up as disabled for easy mastering. The gain settings of Pro-L and L3-16 are set up so that the output loudness of sound sources is the same. Their other settings are default. The sample rate of DAW is 44.1kHz and the output format is Stereo 44.1kHz 24bit wav.