Comparison with Other Services


We compared the mastering results of Bakuage and other automatic mastering services (LANDR, eMastered, CloudBounce, MasteringBOX ).

Loudness vs Loudness Range


Audio Service Settings Mastered Mastered(Loudness Normalized) Loudness Loudness Range
Jazz Piano BAKUAGE Target -3dB Play Play -6.2dB 4.6dB
Target -5dB Play Play -7.1dB 5.4dB
Target -7dB Play Play -8.1dB 6.4dB
Target -9dB Play Play -9.5dB 7.2dB
Target -11dB Play Play -11.1dB 7.9dB
LANDR High Loudness Play Play -9.2dB 5.3dB
Mid Loudness Play Play -12.0dB 6.1dB
Low Loudness Play Play -14.6dB 6.3dB
eMastered Extreme Play Play -7.6dB 2.8dB
Loud Play Play -8.4dB 3.8dB
Louder Play Play -9.7dB 5.0dB
Normal Play Play -11.0dB 5.9dB
CloudBounce Louder Play Play -13.3dB 8.4dB
Default Play Play -14.8dB 8.5dB
MasteringBOX Target -7dB Play Play -8.6dB 4.6dB
Target -9dB Play Play -10.7dB 5.7dB
Target -11dB Play Play -12.9dB 6.2dB
String Quartet BAKUAGE Target -3dB Play Play -5.2dB 6.4dB
Target -5dB Play Play -6.4dB 7.4dB
Target -7dB Play Play -7.8dB 8.4dB
Target -9dB Play Play -9.4dB 9.5dB
Target -11dB Play Play -11.2dB 10.2dB
LANDR High Loudness Play Play -11.4dB 9.8dB
Mid Loudness Play Play -14.8dB 10.5dB
Low Loudness Play Play -17.6dB 10.5dB
eMastered Extreme Play Play -7.0dB 3.8dB
Loud Play Play -8.0dB 5.1dB
Louder Play Play -10.0dB 7.1dB
Normal Play Play -11.7dB 8.5dB
CloudBounce Louder Play Play -15.6dB 11.3dB
Default Play Play -17.1dB 11.4dB
MasteringBOX Target -7dB Play Play -6.9dB 4.4dB
Target -9dB Play Play -9.0dB 6.0dB
Target -11dB Play Play -11.6dB 7.0dB


Some audios are processed by Bakuage, LANDR, eMastered, CloudBounce, and MasteringBOX. The settings of the services are the default settings without target loudness. The output format is stereo 44.1kHz 16bit or 24bit wav.


Item Description
Mastered It is a sound source after mastering.
Mastered(Loudness Normalized) It is a mastered sound source adjusted in volume so that the loudness becomes the same. It is easy to compare differences in sound quality by listening with the same loudness.
Loudness This represents how much is sound loud. It is calculated by BS.1770.
Loudness Range This represents how much is sound loudness wide. Calculation * window size: 0.4 sec, overlap: 0.1 sec