There are two types of plans (free plan and premium plan). By default it is a free plan, the fee will be charged for each audio source download. When shifting to the premium plan, the monthly fee will be charged and the sound source download will be free. You can switch fromuser settingsto premium plan.

Plan Comparison

Plan Free Plan Premium Plan
Monthly Price Free $29.99 / month
Audio Download Price Less than or equal 2 minutes Free Free
Longer than 2 minutes Easy Mastering $9.99 / download * Free
Preset Mastering $9.99 / download * Free
Custom Mastering $9.99 / download * Free

* 1 Free Masterings per Month

Feature Comparison

Feature Easy Mastering Preset Mastering Custom Mastering
Limiter Basic
Target Loudness
Bass Preservation
Automatic Mastering Basic
Specify Preset
Specify Reference Audio
Automatic Mastering Level
Output Format WAV (16bit)
WAV (24bit)
WAV (32bit float)
MP3 (320kbps)
Audio Analysis

What's easy mastering?

Easy mastering is a mode that makes it easy to produce loud sound without setting.

What's custom mastering?

Custom mastering is a mode that you can customize target loudness, automatic mastering level, output format, etc.


Credit card, debit card, and PayPal are supported.