How to participate in AI Mastering's affiliate program

In this article, we will show you how to join AI Mastering 's affiliate program for free for affiliate (affiliate marketer).

What is AI Mastering?

AI Mastering is an automatic online audio mastering service.

Mastering is the task of adjusting the sound. It is necessary for music production and movie production. Mastering makes the sound easier to hear, the impressions come out and the impression gets better.

With AI Mastering, mastering can be done with one touch.

Affiliate Program Overview

When you participate in AI Mastering's affiliate program, you can receive affiliate fee when introducing AI Mastering's new member registration and new premium plan registration.

Participation in the affiliate program is free.

Affiliate is provided by itself without using ASP (Affiliate Service Provider), so it is characterized by no margin by ASP.

Affiliate Program Rewards

Affiliate fees of $ 0.05 will be incurred when introducing new member registration and $ 15 when introducing new premium plan registration. The compensation generation condition is the same as the Referral Program . For details, please visit there. (login is needed)

How to participate in affiliate program

Register for AI Mastering for free

AI Mastering's affiliate program does not use the affiliate network, so you will manage affiliate rewards with your AI Mastering account. Please register as a free member here.

If you do not know how to register as a member,This articlePlease also refer to it.

Apply for participation by e-mail

Please send a mail with the following contents to To participate, it is necessary to agree to Affiliate Program Terms of Service .

For PayPal account, please click here .

Subject: Sound pressure bomb kun affiliation program Application details:

I have read and agree to https: //,
I will apply for participation in the affiliate program of sound pressure explosion kun.
Below is application information.

E-mail address registered for sound pressure bomb kun: (Please input)
Remuneration receipt account type: PayPal account / Japanese bank account (Please choose one or the other)

## When choosing PayPal account E-mail address of PayPal account or PayPal.Me's address: (Please enter)

## When choosing Japanese bank account Bank name: (please enter)
Branch name: (Please enter)
Branch code: (Please enter)
Account type: (Please enter)
Account number: (Please enter)
Name: (Please enter)

that's all, thank you very much. 

※ At the time of sending e-mail, it is considered to have agreed to Affiliate Program Terms of Service.

Wait for approval

After you activate your affiliate program with the AI ​​Mastering account corresponding to the email address you sent, I will reply by e-mail. Please wait a moment.

Acquire the introduction URL for affiliate and put it on blog etc.

Acquire the introduction URL for affiliate from affiliate program , and paste it on blog etc. For referrals, materials for affiliate programs described below can also be used.

Review report

You can check the report from the Affiliate Program . However, it will not be displayed unless there is at least one referral.

Material for affiliate program

Materials listed in the following articles can be freely processed and used for affiliate purposes.

Material collection for affiliate program


What is the difference between introducing friends?

Your friends referral and payment terms are the same, but the content of remuneration is different. Participants in the affiliate program can receive affiliate fees in addition to the referring fee for referring friends when the compensation granting conditions are satisfied. Please refer to the Referral Program for details of compensation generation conditions and so on. (login is needed)

Will the reward of the premium plan be received every month after the first time if the user continues to use it?

I can not receive it. Remuneration will be given only during introduction.


We showed you how to participate in AI Mastering's affiliate program.